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The domestic customer from Suzhou visited Rikasensor

The domestic customer from Suzhou visited Rika Sensor on  Oct 16th, 2020.The sales manager Demi,technical manager Michael warmly received the guests.
The attendees introduced our wind sensors and the  applications,eg:RK100-01 metal wind speed sensor,RK100-02 ABS wind speed sensor etc.The customer showed great interest to our products.
RIKA extended a warm welcome and arranged a considerate reception. Accompanied by the head of each department, the customers reviewed our products, the attendees made elaborated answers to their questions and offer the very professional solution for their ports gust measurement finally. 
Through this meeting with customer and technical exchanges,it not only enhances trust with customers, but also promotes cooperation. It can be predicted that in the future, the customer and Rikasensor will join forces and complement each other.

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