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Rikasensor Team Building Actitivity

Writer:RikasensorSource:Rikasensor Date:2017-07-17
On July 14th, it is a cloudy and sunny day,  the first day of the hottest days in summer. Though a very hot day, it still couldnot reduce our passions and exitements of a one-day trip to enhence our team building!
This trip is divided into three parts, climbing mountains , going driftboats and picking fruit in a fruit garden.
When climbing the mountain, we can feel the fresh and sweet air with a bleeze. What a tranquil life! Every face is fullly filled with smiles and happiness, It takes us almost 3hours to finishing the climbing.
Then come to the second part, driftboat. It is like an adventure, exiting with fears, laughs and screams lingering in the sky.
Finally, we enjoy a quiet farm life-- picking peaches. 
It is really a fantastic day. All of us reached home very late, tired but rather happy and full of new energes to face the new days.

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