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Clients from Brazil visited Rikasensor

Writer:RikasensorSource:Rikasensor Date:2019-04-24
Mr Wanderley, Tiago and  Lazaro from Brazil visited Rikasensor on Apr 23rd, 2019. The sales manager Coco, Barbie, Jenny & technical manager Michael warmly received the guests from abroad.
At the meeting, Coco made a brief introduction about Rikasensor. And then Mr. Wanderley introduced their development process & upcoming project in Brazil. 
At last Mr. Tiago and Michael had a technical exchange and discussion on weather sensors and weather stations for Smart Agriculture application.  After a preliminary understanding, he expressed his recognition of the comprehensive strength of Rikasensor.
Hunan Rika Electronic Technology Co.Ltd. would provide professional weather sensors & weather monitoring measurement products in Agriculture industry.
Clients showed great interests in ultrasonic wind sensors, solar radiation sensor, rain gauges, soil detecting sensor & ultrasonic weather stations. 
Through cooperation with Mr Wanderley and technical exchanges, it can be predicted that in the future, Mr Wanderley and Rikasensor will join forces and complement each other.