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  • Product Name: RK900-21B Non contact infrared temperature measurement system

The non-contact temperature measurement system is mainly to improve the traditional temperature measurement method, so that the temperature measurement becomes more simple, fast and accurate. In order to meet the needs of medical development, effective temperature measurement in special environment can effectively control and prevent the spread of epidemic diseases.

The system adopts the selection of key optical devices, the design of aiming system and the adjustment of temperature compensation to improve the accuracy of infrared thermometer, which is used for rapid temperature measurement in the situation of dense personnel and large flow.
The system can realize the functions of human body temperature measurement, normal / abnormal temperature statistics, over limit alarm, touch screen setting, data storage and historical record query.
It is applicable to temperature monitoring and regional prevention and control in public gathering places such as stations, airports, docks, shopping malls, communities, schools, etc.


 * Accurate measurement
 * Easy to install and move at any time
 * Operation simple, and the measurement can be started after the power supply is connected
 * Factories
 * Schools
 * Parks
 * Venues
 * Government agencies, 
 * Hospitals
 * Apartment buildings
 * Airports
 * High-speed rail
 * Bus stations
 * Subway stations
Item Technical Specification
Measuring range 28~45℃
Accuracy ±0.5℃
Effective distance 10-30cm
FOV 110°x75°
Environmental -20-+50℃,0-100%RH
LCD display 4.3"TFT
Display color 65535
Rated voltage 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
Resolving 480X272
Rated power 3W
Protection level IP65
Memory 128M
System storage 128M
USB interface For data export
EMC Class 3
Authentication CE/FCC


 * Real time temperature measurement display and environment temperature acquisition;
 * Statistics and removal of normal temperature quantity;
 * Statistics and removal of abnormal temperature;
 * Temperature alarm setting.
 * View and query historical measurement data;
 * Data storage
Item Main equipment and accessories Number Remarks
1 Non contact infrared thermometer 1 Standard
2 The power adapter 1 Standard
3 Fixed bracket 1 Standard
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