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  • Product Name: RKL-11 Submersible Liquid Level Transmitter

RKL-11 Submersible Liquid Level Transmitter is with stainless steel isolation diaphragm diffusion silicon pressure core body, the pressure core body adopts the process of laser trimming resistor for a wide temperature range of zero and sensitivity temperature compensation. Special cable for air-venting conduit and waterproof technology ensures water tightness, and ventilation between inside and outside , so as to acquire accurate and stable measuring data.


  * High accuracy,high sensitivity
  * Fast response
  * Good stability
  * Strong resistance to interference
  * Anti-corrosion material optional
  * Low temperature drift


  * Agricultural irrigation
  * Petroleum
  * Chemical
  * Power generation plant
  * Urban water drainage
  * Hydrographic survey
  * Environmental protection


Technical specifications


0 ~ 0.5m…200mH2O or 0 ~ 5KPa…2MPa



Supply Voltage


Over Pressure


Measuring Medium

The liquid(not sticky ) compatible with 316 stainless steel

Total Accuracy


Long-term Stability


Ingress Protection


Operating Temperature

-40℃~ +80℃

Compensating Temperature


Temperature Drifting


Cycle Life

1*10^8 @25℃

Main Material

Sensor:316L,housing:304SS(316L is optional)


Outer material:PVC,Atmospheric pressure compensation cable,

Power Consumption Current output:(U*0.02)W, Voltage output:(U*0.008)W, Digital output:(U*0.015)W


Dimensions will vary slightly, depending on the object.




As shown in picture 1,when the sensor is installed in static water such as in poos,water towers,probe is immersed into the bottom and should be as far as possible away from the pump or valves.The terminal box should keep above water surface and prevent water penetrating into cables.Please make sure the airway not be blocked.


As shown in picture 2,when the sensor is installed in dynamic water such as dams or rivers,probe should be inserted into a steel pipe(inner dia is around 45mm),burrowing several holes at different height on the pipe side wall which is opposite to the water flow direction.The terminal box should keep above water surface and prevent water penetrating into cables.Please make sure the airway not be blocked.
Remark Series Supply Output Accuracy Range Fixed bracket Cable Length  
    A           10-30V
    X           Other
      A         4-20mA
      B         0-5V
      C         0-10V(Supply>15VDC)
      D         r=RS485 (Modbus-RTU)
      X         X
        P3       0.5%
          R(0-200m)     0-200m optional
            A   With bracket
            N   Without bracket
              5000 5m
              ... ...

Example: RKL-11AAP3R3mN5000  Supply:10-30V, Output:4-20mA, Acuracy:0.5%FS, Range:3m H2O, With out bracket, Cable Length:5m.

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