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  • Product Name: RK600-02/02B Data Logger of Automatic Weather Station

RK600-02/02B Data Logger with data acquisition, storage, transmission and management, and other functions, is the core component of automatic weather station, which can connect 16 parameter at the same time, has the settings and LCD display, can communication with PC via cable or wireless connection, provide communication protocol, convenient for secondary development.


 * Real-time display
 * Multiple sensor interface
 * Large storage
 * Types of communication interface
 * Udisk external storage optional
 * Wireless optional
 * Self-contained clock chip
 * Solar power supply optional





192 * 64

Internal storage

12M (If set to store every 1 hours can store data for more than 4 years; If set to store every 10 minutes can store data for approx. 1 years; If set to store every 1 minute can store data for 30 days)

External storage

Use special U disk to store data (optional function)

Data interface

RS232, RS485, USB

Communication mode

Ethernet(add RS232 to ethernet converter); GPRS(add RS232 to GPRS converter),data flow consumption: <100MB/month WIFI(add RS232 to WIFI converter)

Communication protocol MODBUS-RTU(Open communication protocol, the user can convenient for secondary development)


12VDC, AC110V, AC220V, solar power supply system optional

Record interval

1min-240min adjustable

Input parameter 16 max.

Power consumption


Operating temperature


Weight (unpacked) 3.2kg
Dimension 310*218*120mm

Shell material

RK600-02:ABS(Installed in protective box,protective box is optional) RK600-02B:Aluminum alloy(outdoor use directly )

Meteorological monitoring software

Use to display, analysis and storage data on the PC






View data logger software version number

Time settings

Set data logger system clock

Other settings

Set electronic compass (optional function)

Communication settings

Set data logger address(0-255,RS232/RS485 communication)


After reset all parameters must be reset and clear the history data

Time interval

Set the data storage time interval(1-240min)

Language settings


External storage

External storage type(U disk/No,If no external storage, set to no)




AC100-240V/DC12V supply

AC100-240V & solar power supply

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