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  • Product Name: Traffic Weather Monitoring


Traffic weather station is sepecially designed for traffic weather, is a typical and comprehensive road detection station. It focuses on detecting visibility, weather phenomena and road condition , measuring related basic meterology parameters, mainly used for timely detecting abnormal traffic environmental factors & meteorological conditions, providing scientific real-time basis for meteorological services and traffic management department.

Traffic Weather Monitoring Solution 




RK330-01 Atmospheric Temperature&Humidity&Pressure Sensor

Barometric temperature&humidity sensor: measure atmospheric temperature& humidity and air pressure, in-buit anti-UV shelter.Range:temperature-40-+60℃,humidity 0-100%RH,air pressure:0-110kPa.

RK100-02 wind speed sensor , RK110-02 wind direction sensor

Mechanic wind speed& direction sensor: speed range:0-30m/s,0-45m/s,0-60m/s optional. Resolution:0.1m/s.direction ragen:0-360°,resolution:1°or 22.5°.

RK400-01 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

Metal housing with pulse or RS485 output optional, 0.2mm, 0.5mm, 1mm resolution optional.


The measure parameters of Laser remote sensing non-contact road condiditon sensor includes : water membrane height , ice membrane height, pavement temperature, freezing temperature, ice thickness, snow thickness,friction coefficient. It is the guarantee of  traffic safety, to provide crucial support for road maintenance and maintenance personnel.


It is able to measure one-minute,ten- minute average visibility.Resolution :1m,according to requirements, maximum range: 30km~50km adjustable.


speed range:0-60m/s,resolution:0.1m/s,direction range:0-360°,resolution:1°,installed on the side wall of tunnel ,to monitor wind speed &direction condition of traffic tunnel.



Traffic weather station projects need be set based on traffic service demand,location, disaster typies that affect traffic meteorology and other factors.It generally includes visibility, air temperature,relative humidity, direction, speed,rainfall and road surface or roadbed temperature and road condition detection.

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