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  • Product Name: Crane Safety Monitoring


Considering security factors, the high-altitude equipment is required to stop operating in the strong wind environment. Wind speed display controller is a part of the safety monitoring system, including the wind speed sensor and display controller, alarm and control the operation when speed reaches the set value.

 Crane Safety Monitoring


RK150-01 wind speed display controller can set alarm and control output. when speed reaching the corresponding set value, output acousto-optic alarm signal, trigger and control the output, to achieve safety monitoring purpose.



RK150-01 Wind Speed Sensor & Display Controller

The wind speed display controller is used for the safely monitoring  tower crane, crane, port machinery and other high-altitude equipment. Wind speed Test range is 0 - 60m / s,   wired or wireless optional.

RK100-01 Wind Speed SensorRK110-01 Wind Direction Sensor

Mechanical wind speed & direction sensor: wind speed test range: 0 - 30 m / s, 0 - 60m / s optional, resolution 0.1 m / s, wind direction test range: 0 - 360, resolution 1° or 22.5°.

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