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  • Product Name: RK520-02 Soil Moisture, Temperature & EC Sensor

RK520-02 Soil Moisture, Temperature & EC Sensor is integrated the moisture,temperature & EC measurement.The stainless steel probe is inserted into soil surface or soil profile to test quickly. The product with temperature compensation to ensure the accuracy of measurement.The probe can be permanently embedded underground and be connected to a data logger for unlimited testing.


  * High precision
  * Fast response
  * Suitable for saline-alkali soil
  * Can work long-term immersion
  * Soil properties affect little
  * Directly buried in soil
  * Widely used
  * Agriculture irrigation
  * Greenhouse
  * Grass farm
  * Environment monitoring
  * Water conservation
  * Soil testing
  Technical Specification
Item Technical Specification
Moisture Temperature EC
Range 0-100%(m 3 /m 3) -30℃-+70℃


±0.5°C ±3%FS
Output Signal RS485, 0-2V
Resonse time <1S
Supply 5VDC, 12-24VDC
Effective measurement area With the center of the probe diameter is 70mm, high 70mm cylinder
Housing ABS
Dimension 45*15*145mm( probe:3* Ø3*70mm)
Operating Temperature  -40℃~ +80℃
Ingress Protection IP68
Storage  10-60℃@20%-90%RH
Probe material  316L stainless steel





1.Testing medium should be with uniform intensity.  
2. If surface soil water content measurement, the sensor should be insert into soil
vertically. Do not shake the sensor when inserted, otherwise the probe will be
3. If multi-layer soil water content measurement, the sensor should be buried in the
soil and parallel to the ground. Make sure the probe not be blended;
4. When removing sensors from the soil, please hold the sensor housing shell and
do not forcibly pull on the cable. Soil on probes should be brushed tightly.
5. Please keep the sensor in dry & clean conditions.
Remark Series Type Supply Output Cable length  
      A     5V
      B     12-24V
      X     Other
        A   0-2V
        B   RS485
        X   Other
          2000 Units: mm(typ)
          ... units: mm

Example: RK520-02BA2000 Supply: 12-24V, Output:0-2V,Cable Length:2m.

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