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Wind Speed Direction

RK100 series includes mechanical wind speed wind direction sensor, ultrasonic wind speed wind direction sensor, wind speed alarm control instrument an...

Solar & Light Detector

RK200 series includes solar radiation sensors, light sensors and solar energy assessment equipment;

Atmosphere Detector

RK300 series includes atmospheric temperature and humidity, atmospheric pressure, atmospheric dust content, CO2 and other products;

Rain & Snow Gauges

RK400 series includes tipping bucket rain gauge, piezoelectric rain gauge, rain and snow sensors;

Soil &Liquid Detector

RK500 series contains soil temperature and humidity, soil & liquid PH, soil & liquid EC, Salinity ORP sensors and other products;

Weather Stations

RK600 series includes dedicated data acquisition recorder, universal collection recorder and display control instrument;

Level Transmitters

RK900 series includes photovoltaic, agriculture and other industries dedicated weather stations, home weather stations, ultrasonic weather stations an...


RKL series includes submersible level sensor, non-contact radar level sensor and other products;

Data Logger & Other Meters

The RK95 accessory series includes the accessories and ancillary equipment used in our sensor or weather station, including the solar radiation shield...