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  • Product Name: Solar PV Industry


In the aeras with rich solar energy,solar power generation has been playing a more and more important role in power supply. Atmosphere environments have decisive effects on solar generation.Providing the accurate measure for atmosphere datus is the important premise that assesses solar resource and design, build, maitain generation systems.

Solar PV Industry


RK900 series Automatic Weather Station is used to measure the PV module temperature, wind speed & direction, Atmospheric temperature & RH, total radiation, sunshine time and etc.It is for evaluating solar power generating rate, fault diagnosis, data management.



RK200-03 Pyranometer, RK200-04 Solar Radiation Sensor

Adopti.g thermoelectricity theory to measure total solar radiation. Measure range:0-2000W/m2, in accord with ISO9060 WMO standard requirment.

RK220-01 Paste type temperature sensor

Real-time monitor surface temperature of solar energy components.range: -50-+100℃.allowance:0.5℃   To provide reference for evaluating the efficiency of solar power generation.

RK330-01 Atmospheric Temperature&Humidity&Pressure Sensor

Barometric temperature&humidity sensor: measure temperature&humidity and air pressure of atmosphere environment, in-built anti-UV shelter.Range: tempreature -40-+60℃,humidity 0-100%RH, air pressure:0-110kPa.

RK100-02 wind speed sensor , RK110-02 wind direction sensor

Mechanic wind speed& direction sensor: speed range:0-30m/s,0-45m/s,0-60m/s optional. Resolution:0.1m/s.direction ragen:0-360°,resolution:1°.



PV solar weather station monitoring system consists of sensors,data logger,communication system,host computer systemic software,supply voltage and lightingproof equipment.