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ORP sensor is simple and cost effective solution for a wide variety of waste water and process applications. This all-in-one sensor provides simultaneous measurement of ORP and temperature. The rugged Ryton body is designed for easy installation into on-line via the 3/4 inch tapered threaded connections provided on both ends of the sensor. The wide body sensors (26 mm diameter) hold four separate elements in one unbreakable Ryton body, large volume gelled electrolyte and the double junction reference system slows down depletion and poisoning extending the life time.


 * On-line & real-time monitoring
   * Simultaneous ORP and temperature measurement
   * Integral temperature element for enhanced accuracy
   * Double junction and long diffusion path for reference pollution resistance
   * Extended life time by large volume of polymerized electrolyte and porous PTFE diaphragm
   * Solid Glass/Platinum electrode for solution ground or ORP measurement
   * Simple maintenance by comprehensive design
   * Submerged mounting bracket is optional
* Environmental protection
  * Water quality monitoring
  * Aquaculture
  * Biochemistry
  * Sewage treatment
  * Industrial wastewater treatment
  * Pharmaceutical
  * Chemical
Item Technical Specification
ORP Temperature
Measurement Principle Electrochemical(platinum ring) Thermal resistance


Resolution 0.1mV  0.1℃
Accuracy ±0.5mV  ±0.5℃
Supply 7-30VDC
Response time 5s
Output 4-20mA & RS485 at the same time
Temperature compensation  0-100℃
Output 4-20mA,0-5V,RS485
Operating Enviroment -10-+80℃(<0.6MPa)
Stability ≤1%/year
Maintenance Every 1 months to clean the electrode ,every 6 months calibrated
Power consumption  <0.4W
Ingress Protection IP68
Storage 10-60℃@20%-90%RH
Cable length 5m default,,customizable
Remark Series Type Supply Output Accessory Cable Length  
    06A         Type A Universal type
    06B         Type B Highly corrosion resistant
    06C         Type C Glass type
    06X         Other
      A       7-30v
      X       Other
        A     4-20mA
        B     RS485
        X     Other
          A   With mounting bracket
          N   Without mounting bracket
            5000 Unit(mm)
            ... Unit(mm)
 Example: RK500-06AAAN5000 Universal type,Supply:7-30V, Output:4-20mA, Without mounting bracket, Cable length:5m.