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Electric Power industrial micro weather station is used for real-time monitoring to micro weather enviroment of high-voltage output, to avoid destroying the transmission wire caused by ice and snow,strong wind, frozen rain and other bad weather environments.

 Electric Power Industry Weather Monitoring


Ultrasonic wind speed & direction weather station: all-day measure wind speed, wind direction,rainfall,atmosphere humidity,air pressure and other elements,through wired or wireless trasmission to connect with the center weather station.



RK400-01 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

Tipping bucket rainfall sensor: measure real-time or cumulative rainfall, with pulse & RS485 output optional, 0.2mm, 0.5mm, 1mm resolution optional.

RK120-02 Ultrasonic Wind Speed & Direction Sensor

Ultrasonic wind speed & direction sensor: auto-heated, 4-20mA, RS485 output optional.

RK330-01 Atmospheric Temperature&Humidity&Pressure Sensor

Barometric temperature&humidity sensor: measure temperature&humidity and air pressure of atmosphere environment, in-built anti-UV shelter.Range: tempreature -40-+60℃,humidity 0-100%RH, air pressure:0-110kPa.

RK100-02 wind speed sensor , RK110-02 wind direction sensor

Mechanic wind speed& direction sensor: speed range:0-30m/s,0-45m/s,0-60m/s optional. Resolution:0.1m/s.direction ragen:0-360°,resolution:1°.



Electric micro weather station consists of data logger,various sensors,supply voltage supply system, romote monitor software or cloud data monitor center.