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Small Smart Agro-meteorological Station is a small automatic weather station aiming at monitoring agricultural ecological enviroment(farmland,orchard,greenhouse,barn and other environments, and agricultural environment in production activities, such as the atmosphere of bleachery, spraying ,products storage and so on). Observed elements include air temperature,relative humidity, wind speed& direction, the whole radiation, soil temperature& moisture,rainfall and other atmosphere parameters.It is able to base on users' demand to customerize other measure elements, like evaporation,sunshine duration,CO2,photosynthetic effective radiation. soil PH,soil EC and other elements. Measure height generally is 2 or 6 meters ranging based on the height of vegetation.

Agricultural & Forestry Solutions




RK900-01 Automatic Weather Station

RK900-01 Automatic Weather Station is used for atmospheric temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure,wind speed & direction,solar radiation,light,rainfall,soil temperature and humidity parameters measurement.It can be widely used in meteorology, hydrology, agriculture, forestry, scientific research and other fields.

RK100-02 Wind Speed Sensor, RK110-02 Wind Direction Sensor

Mechanic wind speed& direction sensor: speed range:0-30m/s,0-45m/s,0-60m/s optional. Resolution:0.1m/s.direction ragen:0-360°,resolution:1°.

RK300-01 Wall Mounted Barometric Pressure Sensor

Barometric pressure sensor with LCD Display optional

RK400-01 Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

Tipping bucket rainfall sensor: measuring real-time or cumulative rainfall. with 0.2mm, 0.5mm, 1mm resolution optional

RK200-02 Par Sensor

Measuring solar radiation within 400~700nm wavelength.  It can directly output radiation value in unit of μ*mol/m2*s.



RK210-01 Illuminance sensor

RK300-03 CO2 sensor

RK500-01 Soil temperature sensor

RK510-01 Soil moisture sensor

RK500-02 PH sensor

RK500-03 Salinity / EC sensor



Farmland agro-meteorological station is made of atmosphere sensor, data logger(RTU),and power supply giving a great support to agricultural reserch, agricultural production, livestock and so on.