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  • Product Name: Air Quality Monitoring Industry Solutions


Air quality monitoring industry solutions can trace the Dust pollution source , preliminarily quantitatively analyzing the pollution level, and providing a scientific technical support for effectively controlling Dust pollution.

Air Quality Monitoring Industry Solutions


The system integrates and real-time monitors particles, noise and environmental meteorology , including air temperature & humidity, wind speed & direction, dust, noise and other measurement sensors, can on-line monitor the concentration of various particles ( pm 2.5, PM10, tsp ).



RK100-02 Wind Speed Sensor,RK110-02 Wind Direction Sensor

Mechanical wind speed & direction sensor:Speed test range:0-30m/s,0-45m/s,0-60m/soptional,Resolution0.1m/s,Direction Test Range:0-360°,Resolution:1°or 22.5.

RK330-01 Ambient Temperature, Humidity & Pressure Sensor

Atmospheric temperature&humidity sensor:Measure Atmospheric temperature&humidity and air pressure, built in anti-radiation Multi-purpose shield.Test Range:Temperature:-40-+60℃,Humidity:0-100%RH,Air presure:0-110kPa.

RK300-02 Dust Sensor

Dust sensor:Measure the dust concentration (PM1.0,PM2.5, PM10 optional) in the atmospheric environment.

RK300-06 Noise sensor

Noise sensor, covers all the frequencies that the human can hear,Test range:25db-130db.It is often used to detect the sound intensity of the environment.