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  • Product Name: RK95-07 Multi-Plate Radiation Shield(instrument shelter)

The Multi-Plate Radiation Shield protects temperature,relative humidity or barometric pressure sensors from error-producing solar radiation and precipitation. This shield relies on a combination of plate geometry, material and natural ventilation to provide effective shielding. The radiation shield reflect sunlight from any direction, prevent sun direct radiation and reflection on the ground to the sensor radiation, to protect the instrument from the effects of strong winds, rain, snow, etc.Freely through the air, making instrument work in ventilated environment, to ensure the accuracy of measured data.Products with high reflectivity and low thermal conductivity, resistance to ultraviolet ray function, can be used in extreme weather conditions.


 * Good air circulation around shield
 * Away from large masses (asphalt, masts, solar panels) especially metal items
 * Away from exhaust vents,electrical machinery and motors
 * Away from standing water, water fountains and sprinklers
 * Perfect match Vaisala HMP155,Observator OMC - 406 sensors





Number of plates 

19 plates


Out surface:Light grey,inner surface:black


PC & 304SS screw

Operating temperature


Sensor installation interface

Glands: M32*1.5(Suitable for 16-20 mm diameter probe)

Installation bracket 

304SS bracket

1.Other plate can be customized